Your board exam preparation app – Better and smarter!

With board exams nearing, here’s how you can make the most of the smart learning app Toppscholars with its bespoke features and comprehensive content

With board exams just around the corner, you may often find yourself confused over which books to refer, what areas to improve on, and panic over the countless practice questions you are yet to solve. However,  one of the tremendous changes that have reached the doorstep of every student today is the fact that exam preparation can be done digitally–  a more convenient way.

Leveraging the internet and by creating a virtual learning environment, Toppscholars, an e-learning app, aims to redefine the concept of learning and exam preparation for students. It helps you gain exam confidence through mock tests and adaptive practice questions.

Considering the fact that board exams are just over a month away, here’s how you can make the most out of this smart learning app:

  • Toppscholars brings to you recorded lectures by subject matter experts, covering all the important topics for board exam preparations. Over 5,000 videos are available with rich 2D/3D animations, offering effective problem-solving techniques for more effective learning. The best part? You don’t have to go for coaching to distant places – you can skim through the fundamentals of organic chemistry or any topic you think you need to work on.
  • Based on your learning ability and needs, the e-learning app provides the chance for personalised tests as well.
  • By analysing your performance, it generates a virtual report card, giving you an idea of the areas you need to improve upon.
  • Your subject teachers at schools can not be available all the time. To tackle the same, the e-learning app has a ‘Teachers Connect’ feature wherein you can access subject matter experts in case of any doubt.

The instant doubt resolution feature of Toppscholars is one of the many reasons why Toppscholars is among the preferred e-learning apps. Board exams are drawing nearer and now is the time to brush up the concepts you are unclear of and practice as much as you can. You can use the smart learning app throughout your exam preparation journey or attempt the 5 days free trial period first to find out how it can ease your learning process

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